API Trials

ICE Data Services -

An Interactive Data Pre-Sales executive will work with you to tailor an API solution that fits your project requirements.  Answering the following questions will help start the discussion with your Pre-Sales contact:

  • What is the product or tool you are developing?
    (ie Charting application, Wallboard, Black or Gray Box trading system, etc.)

  • What exchanges are required?

  • Do you need real-time data, delayed data, or both?

  • Is this product for internal or external use?

  • Will the application reside on an end-user desktop or will it run on a server?

  • What is the target platform for this application?
    (Windows / Linux / Mobile)

  • What programming language do you prefer?
    (C++, Java, other)

  • What are you future plans regarding this product?

Your Pre-Sales executive can provide you with a 30 day trial when you are ready to begin development.  During the 30 day trial you will have delayed data access to several exchanges at no cost. 

Contact your Pre-Sales executive or click here to get started!