Certification Process

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Interactive Data can perform Vendor of Record functions with the market centers available through the IDC Consolidated Feed. This means that IDC has the ability to report usage and remit fees to each of those market centers on a per user and/or usage basis.

Some implementations, such as an internal algorithmic trading system have no “end users” and are reported to the exchanges as internal data feed consumers. Other implementations, such as an end user application like the eSignal desktop application, are considered end-user terminals and require that Interactive Data report usage on a per user basis. These types of implementations are known as Software Partner applications. In order for IDC to act as Vendor for a third-party Software Partner solution, the application must:

  • Run on a client desktop
  • Have a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Operate as a single end-user terminal

To ensure that IDC has the ability to act as Vendor for third-party Software Partner solutions, IDC is required to certify that the application adheres to the above criteria and general operational checks that ensure IDC is delivering data directly to the end-user of the application.  In addition, the certification testing performed by Interactive Data ensures that applications do not misuse IDC data services, or inadvertently put large burdens on them.

Interactive Data has the right to deny certification to applications that fail to comply. Should Interactive Data find an issue with the way an application accesses the data servers, Interactive Data will notify the development personnel responsible for the application and make every attempt to resolve the problem. By remaining vigilant, Interactive Data ensures reliable service to a large customer base.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding certification, or need to know your software requires certification, please contact your Interactive Data Account Manager.