What We Support

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As part of the API offerings, we continually update the API Compatibility Matrix. This matrix details the current versions of APIs Products, operating systems, compliers, and features that are currently supported.

Product Versions

If a version of the API Product is not listed in the Matrix, it is no longer supported and we suggest that you upgrade to a supported version. Any fixes provided to a product will be applied to the current version in order to take advantage of all maintenance fixes.

Operating Systems and Compilers

If a version of operating systems or compiler is not listed, it may work on an unsupported operating system or compiler, however, it would not be supported since no testing has been done.  If issues arise on an unsupported operating system or compiler, we might not be able to help. You must be able to prove that the issue also occurs on a supported operating system or compiler, and we will be happy to address your issue on that supported operating system or compiler. Please raise any questions about enhancements, requests to support new operating systems, compilers or features to your account manager or pre-sales contact.